This is a English translation of the original article I wrote in Dutch. Due to the high demand to this article, I also made it available in English and French.

Today is the Our Lady Ascension, a holiday. And so I had time to hang out for the television this afternoon. I came across a television show for Helix Original.

A typical revolutionary product you only encounter at Tek tv shop. I would like to give my opinion about this product to you!

What is Helix Original?

According to their web site:

Helix Original is a revolutionary product for people with stiff joints. Thanks to the natural extracts of snail glue known for its numerous beneficial properties, you reduce your daily pain.It combines different natural ingredients that reduce inflammation in the joints.

Use Helix every day and after 3 to 4 weeks you will feel the results. Your joints will be less stiff, you will move more smoothly and experience a true relief from pain!

What is the composition? What does the leaflet say?

Helix Original is a nutritional supplement with the main ingredients glucosamine, chondroitin and slug glue:

  • From glucosamine, it is known from scientific research that it can restore the cartilage metabolism, restore damaged cartilage and also has slight anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with arthritis and pain relief in case of osteoarthritis ;
  • Chondroitin (Sulphate): Although it is one of the main constituents of the cartilage tissue, it has not been scientifically proven to help with aching joints;
  • Snail glue would have magical properties, and help against pimples, scars and apparently also against joint pain. I need to let you down, it does not help against your joint pain.

The good news is that there is effectively a useful ingredient in the dietary supplement. Glucosamine helps many people, young and old, to avoid pain by osteoarthritis.

Is Helix Original the Best Buy?

I do not think so. Helix costs 60 euros for 60 pills, one euro per pill. More expensive than Viagra! But what do you expect from such a television commercial!

In addition, you are not sure about the quality. Not all dietary supplements are as good to get their active ingredient in your blood. With some supplements, almost no active ingredient gets in your blood! It is therefore important to go for a product of medical quality.

As a phyiscal therapist, I regularly recommend dietary supplements to patients. I only work with medical quality pills. Only with those pills I know that enough glucosamine is in your blood.

And the good news: the pills are a lot cheaper than the offer of Tek TV shop.

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